Our Impact: 

We are currently working with 330 young people, while our membership rates are constantly growing. Over the past years, over 1200 young people have benefited from our workshops.

Active Horizons has been able to increase the opportunities for young people, as many successfully gained employment, went back into education, or could start their own business. Thereby, we have helped young people to stay away from criminal activities. Furthermore, Active Horizons has helped many newcomers in integrating and settling in their new environment and in becoming a part of a positive and supportive community network. Through workshops, young people learn valuable life skills that help them cope with challenges they may face.

Above that, Active Horizons has taken part in shaping and improving local policy-making with regards to the needs of young people from the Black minority community.

Young people have been the focal point of shaping and challenging systems and practices that pertain to their experiences. Below is the model research and work produced over the years. 

Research Reports 

On the Margin– Research report on the needs and experiences of Black young people living in Bexley . Download Report

On the Margin

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