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Bespoke, individualised accommodation &  support to meet the needs of every young person.

Accomodation service

We aim to provide a safe, secure, stable, caring and attractive environment for young people from underserved backgrounds that include migrants, asylum seekers, refugees, living care, also troubled young people who have experienced any type of homelessness.

Young people will work with a key worker and will be offered advice and referrals for housing & benefits and start to address any support needed. Young people will be encouraged to participate in education, training and supported to gain employment. With the stability of the accommodation and a supportive environment, many of them will be able to take positive steps to turn their life around.

Our accommodation is designed to help them move through the difficult transition to independence. The bespoke, individualised accommodation &  support to meet the needs of every young person.

This is achieved by providing high quality, accommodation, which is perfect for a young person who need support before they are ready to embark on their journey of independence.

We accommodate short- or long-term social needs, such as a short placement of 3 months as a transition to independent living or a placement that focuses on long term needs, supporting individuals to meet their full potential. The length of stay will be determined by individual needs.

However, our aim is that most people will move on to independent accommodation with the appropriate support if required.

Safety and Welfare of young people will be at the heart of this service. Ensuring that there is placement sufficiency for all young people in order for their assessed needs to be appropriately met.


Accommodation Our facility contains: 7 self-contained apartments consisting of 4 one-bedroom Flats and 3 Studios all fully furnished to the highest standard. Each apartment comes with a fully equipped kitchen with a dining table, a flat-screen TV with streaming services and a private bathroom with a bath or shower and free toiletries. An oven, a microwave and toaster are also featured, as well as a kettle.


      • Own Entrance and Intercom
      • Bed
      • Fitted Kitchen
      • Bathroom with shower
      • Heating
      • Fitted Wardrobes
      • Rear communal garden


Safety and Security

Young people are living in a physically safe environment with an appropriate support network to meet their individual needs and their welfare is safeguarded. The welfare and safety of the young person is paramount. Education, 

Employment & Training

The young person has access to employment, training or education advice and provision and receives encouragement and recognition for their achievements; they participate in social, cultural and leisure activities; they make positive friendships; they have aspiration and achieve academically in line with their ability. 

Health & Wellbeing

The young person benefits from good physical, emotional and mental wellbeing, has a healthy lifestyle, and has access to information about health issues including the misuse of substances that allows them to make informed choices as they move to independence.

Policies & Procedure

Accommodation and Management Services
      • Management of property including repairs, maintenance and including all property and rental costs including housing management costs e.g. rent collection, arrearsmanagement, tenancy enforcement.
      • All utilities costs for the property
      • Building and contents insurance. Personal effects insurance to be included if applicable.
      • Nominated Key worker.
      • Member of staff on property at all times.
      • Individual Outreach Support
      • 24-hour Support Helpline and emergency call out service
Independent Living Support
      • Subsistence payments to the young person for food, leisure activities and clothing.
Accommodation, Equipment and Resources
      • Furnished accommodation, decorated to a high standard appropriate to a young person.
      • Furniture to include ‘white goods’ equipment necessary to promote and encourage daily independent living
      • A ‘starter pack’ of provisions at the commencement of the placement and sundry household items such as essential cleaning equipment.
      • Equipment to support the young person develop their independence, such as bedding, kitchenware, vacuum cleaner, washing and toiletry facilities.
      • Accommodation to include appropriate smoke alarm, fire blanket, and access to fire extinguisher in accordance with fire safety regulations.
      • First Aid Kit
      • TV Licence
      • Access to telephone facility within the accommodation for emergency contact. Mobile telephones will be provided by the council and the cost for calls is factored into the assessed weekly subsistence payme
Individual Support Services
      • 30 hours of individual support each week.
      • Provide assistance with young person to acquire any personal furniture / fittings.
      • Provide independent training and support with the young person’s social/life skills, career development options, employment, applying for state benefits (where appropriate) educational development, and training.
      • Assist the young person with registering with appropriate health agencies.
      • Where appropriate, support and act as an advocate for the young person at professional appointments.
      • Support the young person to establish links and access local community resources.
      • Act as a positive role model to the young person with information, guidance and advice regarding alcohol, drugs, sexual health, healthy living and staying safe.
      • Helping the young person to manage their finances including assisting with the setting up of a bank account.
Initial & on-going assessment of need
      • Assessment of the young person, both at the beginning of and throughout the placement.
      • Updating of risk assessments following any significant changes to the young person’s circumstances
      • End of placement final progress report
      • Preparation of reports for meetings and reviews
Education, Employment & Training
      • To facilitate and support access to educational, training and career development opportunities.
      • Staff travel costs accompanying young person to professional appointments, attending meetings, reviews and contacts visits (family / significant others) within a radius of 20 miles of the accommodation. Additional miles to be charged at agreed local authority rate and formalised via the IPA. Any additional staff time likely to be incurred on top of agreed weekly package of support to be agreed with a designated council manager prior to the appointment
      • Staff travel costs and time accompanying young person to court appointments, including escort costs within a radius of 50 miles of the accommodation. Additional miles to be charged at agreed local authority rate and formalised via the IPA
      • travel costs and time collecting and returning the young person in the event of a missing from service/accommodation (absconding) incident within a radius of 100 miles of the accommodation. Additional miles to be charged at agreed local authority rate.

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