Black History 2023 reflections from our Youth Programmes Manager- Michelle Borerwe

During Black History Month, Active Horizons proudly reflects on the impactful work we do as a youth-led charity in our community. We recognise the importance of this month as an opportunity to celebrate and honour the rich contributions of Black individuals and their enduring legacy in shaping our society.

At Active Horizons, we are committed to fostering an inclusive environment where young people from all backgrounds can thrive and make a positive impact. We believe that diversity is our strength, and we strive to empower our youth to be leaders, advocates, and change-makers in their communities.

This year’s theme of ‘Saluting Our Sisters’ highlights the crucial role that black women have played in shaping history, inspiring change, and building communities. This years celebration will showcase pioneering black women who have made remarkable contributions to literature, music, fashion, sports , business, politics, academia, social & health care and so much more. Here are some names you should familiarise yourself with, if you don’t know them already: Mary Seacole, Claudia Jones, Diane Abott, Olive Moris, Rosa Parks, Nicola Adams, Professor Dame Elizabeth Nneka Anionwu and our very own Chief Executive Officer – Yeukai Taruvinga. Some of these women have already made history and some are making history today.

Throughout the year, we actively engage in initiatives that promote equity, social justice, and cultural awareness. Our commitment to these principles extends beyond Black History Month, as we work tirelessly to address systemic issues and create opportunities for young people to succeed, regardless of their background.

We encourage everyone to join us in commemorating Black History Month by celebrating the achievements and contributions of Black individuals, and by supporting the ongoing efforts to create a more inclusive and equitable future for all. Together, we can make a difference and build a brighter tomorrow.


By Michelle Borerwe

Youth Programmes Manager


writen by Yeukai Taruvinga

writen by Yeukai Taruvinga

Yeukai is the founder of Active Horizons. Yeukai believes that everything she has learned can (and should) be shared to help those without the means to change their situations.


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